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Great news! MTW got a Liebster Award

Dear friends, great news!

I was nominated and honoured with a Liebster Award!

I confess it was a big surprise that I was not expecting after just a few months blogging… I consider this award a confirmation that the blog is growing and gaining readers worldwide.

Furthermore, the fact that other bloggers do like my work makes me feel proud and gives me one more incentive to keep on writing and improving Miss Taste and Wine.

For this reason, thank you so much Katja ( for your trust and this gift! I really like your page, your attitude and your naturalness and wish you the best for the future.

And thank you to everyone reading and supporting my blog!

According to tradition, here my answers to Katja’s 11 questions:

What are the 3 items that you would take on a deserted island?

A pocketknife, a wind breaker and my partner :-)

How many countries have you visited so far and how many more are you planning to visit?

Oh God, that’s a difficult question… I visited over 25 countries so far, but I am planning to visit many many more!

Do you ever feel super nervous before your upcoming trip and would actually rather stay at home, but when you arrive to the destination, you have no idea what you were thinking?

I am actually very nervous before a trip, I often dream about forgetting my passport or leaving my luggage behind. But I never would rather stay home, travelling is such an adventure!

What are your top five bucket list items?

Take a gap year to travel worldwide (without money worries), start my own cultural enterprise and live on that, have a beautiful cottage with my own vegetable garden and fruit trees, have pets, have two or three children.

What is your preferred destination? (beach, city,…)

I love relaxing holidays on tropical islands (cocktails included) and cultural city visits. I also like fly-and-drive on the road trips a lot. With a special glimpse on food-and-wine experiences.

Which country has surprised you in a positive way?

Mexico, Maldives, Slovakia and Ireland.

Do you have a favourite travel book and movie?

I do not have a favourite one, actually. I am keen on reading any book, from travel guides to travel chronicles or best-sellers, concerning the destination I chose.

What are five songs that are always on your ‘travel playlist’?

I will tell about the artists I always include in my travel playlists: AC/DC, Mike Oldfield, rock classics, Sheryl Crow, classical music.

Do you prefer to travel solo, with a travel partner or in groups?

Definitely with a travel partner. I prefer sharing my adventures with someone I cherish.

Are you are a planner, a spontaneous traveller or a mix of both?

I am a mix of both: I usually try to plan everything I can, but in practice, I extemporize a lot depending on what I find in the field.

What is your preferred way of accommodation when you travel? (Couchsurfing, Airbnb, hotels, hostels,…)

Depending on the occasion and budget, I choose the proper accommodation.

The blogs/bloggers I would like to nominate for the Award are:


Erika and Matteo,

Jessyève e Chloé,

Enni Maria,

If you'd like to accept the Liebster Award, here are the next steps...

  • Accept the Award by leaving a comment under my post (here) or replying to this email

  • Follow your nominator (so me: you can like and subscribe my page/social profiles and follow me on bloglovin).

  • Publish a post (like this) including

1 - link to the blogger that nominated you (so, my homepage),

2 - the answer to the 11 questions below

3 - your 11 new nominees (of your choice, that have each fewer than 200 followers)

4 - your 11 new questions

  • Publish the Liebster badge on your website

  • Let your nominees know that they've been nominated and provide them with your link to a post so that they can accept it

  • Send your nominator a link to your post so that she can learn more about you as well!

My 11 questions for the next nominees are:

What are the 3 countries you love best so far and why?

What destination are you considering for your next trip and why?

When travelling, do you usually rely on local friends or would like to have?

Do you know South Tyrol and would you consider as next trip destination?

What would be your last supper menu and why?

What are your 3 favourite drinks and why?

Do you prefer salty or sweet foods?

What are the 3 restaurants/taverns you loved best so far and why?

Do you prefer having meals with your family, your partner or your friends?

If invited at my place for dinner, what dishes would you like me to prepare for you? (I am a great Italian and South Tyrolean cooker)

What’s your favourite post in my blog so far and why?

I wish the best to all bloggers, keep up with your project, work hard and have fun!

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