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My new Foodie tools

The MTW January Contest expired, proclaiming two winners!

I will soon review their web pages as a prize for guessing right some of my new foodie tools.

So now it's time to reveal what foodie presents did I find under my Christmas tree... Curious?

As I told you before, I think that recieving perfumed soaps, woollen socks, pad covers or make-up stuff as a gift is nice, but I am not really that type.

I’m a foodie inside, so friends knowing me well do know how to light a twinkle in my eyes and enrich my cooking gear!

It’s not so difficult, after all, since I like food, design and creativity.

Last year I got delicacies, wine bottles and special treats. This time friends and relatives decided to boost my cooking passion and wrapped for me amusing and helpful design pieces. I will think of them every day, by handling these objects while preparing and serving my food creations.

Cool idea, isn't it?

Here the shots of my favourite new fashionable tools!

Heart shaped silicone egg mold (by Tiger):

So girly and helpful! I tried it straight next day for a champion breakfast with by boyfriend. Gives the egg a perfect heart shape, doesn't stick at all and is really easy to wash.

Heat-resistant pot pad (by Tiger)

I have never enough when I’m cooking... since avoids burning or scratching my countertop. I think I am even going to use as a funny and definitely hot centrepiece for my posse dinners!

French designed coffee cups (by Les Artistes Paris)

Elegant white ceramic and tactile textured silicone, for a sophisticated coffee time with my guests! The ritual becomes an fully involving experience, bracing for nose and taste, pleasing to the touch.

Personalized shot glasses (by Atelier Lune)

Decorated by local craftsmen and carved with our names at the Bolzano Christmas Market, these glasses are the ideal shots for a South Tyrolean Grappa tasting. We will use very soon...

Variation on the theme... Handcrafted fork ring (by Lamù Jwl)

I know it's not really for cooking. But it will become my stylish way to bring with me and show the world my passion for taste and pans every day!

Thank you Sam, Erika, Andrea, Dorotea and Tommaso for these fitting and inspired gifts I really cherish!

A hint for next year... I am going to have gourmet experiences gift certificates on my wishlist :-)

And what about you? What did you receive as a gift for Christmas?

I am curious about YOUR recently acquired items.

Leave me your comments here, I'd love to know!

#cooking #inspiration #foodie #design

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