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December 17th - An early Christmas gift

Sorry for beeing late today... I was dating yesterday night... Star Wars!

Italy hosting the world premiere of Episode VII- The Force awakens, I couldn't miss it.

I will not spoil anything, don't worry about that, just a few impressions on my experience:

- I still feel like a child while watching to main titles and listening to John Williams' theme, don't you?

- I'm still in love with Han Solo, I am sure you understand...

- in my opinion, by far, the movie doesn't let down expectations, but you'll judge by yourself

Excited wait, many fans (even Tuskens, Jedi, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and others, as you see in the photos) and great atmosphere, that was a gorgeous night!!!

A fantastic early Christmas gift, waiting for next chapters soon :-)

Meanwhile, may the force be with you!

#Christmas #experience #emotion

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