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December 15th - My inspiration for Christmas gifts wrapping

I already tackled the Christmas decorations and cards issue in past articles (see here and here).

Now what about gifts wrapping?

I know, is definitely cushy to buy ready decorated wrapping paper and ribbons. But I think a pinch of customization gives personality and glam to every present, especially in those hard times, when you can't afford to buy luxurious items or deluxe editions.

Just roll up your sleeves, score some basic materials and use imagination... I will help you out with that :-)

Minimal yet creative - Brown paper, a ball of string and white/gold/silver permanent markers. Draw simple modular decorations on paper and wrap!

Multicoloured - Brown paper and woollen yarns: whether you choose a rainbow palette or not, preferring a ton-sur-ton modulation, it will be a success.

My favourites - As you probably already understood, I am a foodie and a cooker. This is why my favourite decorations include spices and herbs! I always have lots in my sideboard and on my balcony and think it's a pleasure when a gift is perfumed and fragrant.

Matching to the greetings cards in My inspiration for Christmas cards post.

Buttons and ribbons:

Paint with your fingertips:

Double layer with surprise:

Wish you all a good luck with this DIY job!

For getting inspired on Christmas home decoration, see my picks here.

#Christmas #DIY #inspiration #love #gift

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