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December 14th - Bozner Street food

Are you out for Christmas shopping in Bolzano downtown?

No time for a restaurant but so hungry you could bite into your friend?

Ok, I understand the dramatic situation and have a key solution for you all...

Stop at a würstelstand and get your Bozner street food!

Copyright © 2015 by Valentina Rossi & Miss Taste and Wine. All rights reserved.

In this photo I am eating Weisswurst with Manuel at Walter & Michi's stand.

I hope I will soon interview this cheerful couple and forward to you all in a post.

The typical bites are:

- Weisswurst. Made of veal, pork, onion, parsley, lemon. White and not smoked, served with pretzel (aka brezel) and sweet mustard.

- Frankfurter. Made of beef and pork. Smoked, but delicate, served in pairs.

- Meraner. Made of beef and pork. Spiced and smoked, thin and long, as written in the recipe of Meran.

- Käsekrainer. Made of beef and pork, with local cheese. From a Slovenian recipe.

- Currywurst. Served in slices and flooded with curry and tomato sauce.

Did you know?

This habit started around 1930 only and quickly became very popular. The sausages are always served with bread (rosetta roll or pretzel) and different sauces like ketchup, classic or sweet mustard.

Why do I love it?

First of all, because it's a popular habit, that pools everyone in South Tyrol. Loud families with children, relaxed youngsters, elegant professionals, curious travellers: everybody crowds at all hours around the steamy stand.

Secondly, because the taste of würstel is like a drug: you should have one just once in a while, but will always remember and want more...

A tasty stop-over you should never miss!

Read more about Bozner Street food. Click HERE!

#inspiration #emotion #tasty #foodie #streetfood

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