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December 11th - A wish for Christmas

These days are resounding with traditional Christmas songs and joyful carrols, but also with uncertainty, conflict and fear.

I would like to revive "Happy Xmas", by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 1971, an evergreen that I still feel so topical and related to the present.

"And so this is Xmas For weak and for strong For rich and the poor ones The world is so wrong And so happy Xmas For black and for white For yellow and red ones Let's stop all the fight"

Here the beautiful and inspired version by Christina Perri:

No polemics, no judgements, no sentences.

This is my heartfelt wish to the world for this feast days: peace, tolerance and fairness for everyone.

War is over if we all want it...

#Christmas #inspiration #love #wish #emotion #celebration

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