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December 9th - My inspiration for Christmas cards

I love crafting greetings cards by myself: this time, I have to say I found so much inspiration in the web!

I will simply need cardboard, trimmings, pencils and a cutter. And imagination of course!

These examples are so creative, easy and incredibly cute, that I will have the opportunity to realize tailor made cards to complete my presents for family and friends...

To surprise mum and grandma - Right time for making use of the million rainbow buttons I store in my sewing basket.

For children - Back to drawing, fantasy and watercolours!

For my best friends - Girly, chic and precious, exactly what I was looking for. A good variation? Sequins instead of pearls.

For dad - Designed and geometric, amazing like my dad is!

For everyone - this is made on the gift bag itself, I find it gorgeous.

I will post soon further suggestions for artsy gift wrapping.

Meanwhile, wish you all a good time with these tips!

Looking for inspiration for Christmas home decoration? See my picks here.

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