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December 8th - “Klöckeln” in Sarntal

Have you ever heard about “Klöckeln”?

“Klöckeln” is part of an old custom: long ago, poor men dressed up and went from house to house knocking at the doors asking for a charitable donation. This custom was very common in the Alpine regions once.

Source: Internet

In Sarntal, a valley in South Tyrol, this custom is still alive today.

On three Thursdays during the Advent time, “Klöckler” and “Zussler” do dress up with handcrafted masks and typical clothes and pass through the single villages and farmer houses of the valley. They arrive chiming bells, then chant and sing the typical “Klöckler” song, showing people this old custom and reviving it.

I am sure you are curious: watch this video and enjoy the performance!

By the way, according to tradition just men are allowed to make part of the Klöckler. The female characters you see in the video are men in disguise!

#tradition #experience #SouthTyrol #fun

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