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December 4th – Saint Barbara Day

December 4th is the day of commemoration of Saint Barbara. Nevertheless, in rural and popular tradition, this is the day when women cut fruit tree branches and arrange them in a flower vase in their homes until Christmas.

This habit, however, hides a surprise: thanks to the warmth of the house, these sprouts should bloom right during the Holy Celebrations, bringing joy and happiness, and heralding a good harvest for the new year.

Source: Pinterest

Did you know? In some regions, an oracle custom is very common: to each branch is assigned a name of an admirer. The branch who is blooming first, tells you the name of the future groom!

So romantic, don’t you think?

Source: Pinterest

Fresh blooming branches are a nice colourful and natural home décor in dark winter time.

How to get your own? Cut some young branches (better with a sharp diagonal cut) from fruit or flower trees. You may choose cherry, peach, pear, apple or almond tree. Moreover, blackthorn, jasmine and calycanthus would add a charming scent to your composition. Soak completely the sprouts in a bowl with lukewarm water and wait next morning. Arrange the branches in a vase with fresh water and place in a warm room full of light. Remember to replace water every 3-4 days and eventually to mist water onto the sprouts.

Enjoy Christmas time and the awaited blossoming!

Source: Pinterest

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