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December 2nd - My inspiration for Christmas decorations

When Advent starts, I love having around in my home a few lovely Christmas decorations.

As I usually prefer natural, aromatic or handcrafted ones, then why not craft them myself with easy-to-find and everyday materials?

Going back to my roots: my mum realizes every year since ages Orange & Clove Pomanders (sometimes adding cinnamon sticks or star anis). She places one in every bedroom and hangs around in the living room, so that the entire house will scent of spices. The atmosphere until Christmas becomes magic and cozy... I will carry on the tradition!

Source: Pinterest

Here a brilliant alternative for experienced knitters:-)

To realize a safe and creative Advent wreath, I think this is a gorgeous idea: a simple tray, some glasses or jars, cooking salt, tea lights, ribbon and any spice or nut you prefer.

To decor the house door it is even easier, you just need ribbons and a hoop! Knot, tie and cut, knot, tie and cut, knot, tie and cut... The bows wreath is done :-)

Candles on the table, it's a classic I will make seasonal and perfumed by using cinnamon sticks, twine, ribbon and little bells.

Source: Pinterest

Which decoration will you realize? Send me some shots of your artworks, I will surely issue them here!

For some fabulous greeting cards ideas see here!

#Christmas #DIY #inspiration #spicy

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