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December 1st - 24 hidden surprises

Such a long time until Christmas, exactly 24 days

What could be better than having every day a little surprise? The Advent calendar shortens the time till Christmas, especially for children, and not only for them :-) .

The Advent calendar is part of the Christian tradition since 19th century. It was helping people to count the remaining days to the Holy evening. In December, for example, Christian families hang 24 pictures on the wall day by day. Today, in Christian countries, the Advent calendar is a kind of preparation for the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ. I have great memories of Advent and Christmas time of my childhood. My sister, she made for years an Advent calendar for me, and yes, she did it herself

Last October I started to think about doing myself an Advent calendar for my niece (my sister’s nearly 4-year-old daughter). I had a concrete idea in my mind on how the Advent calendar should become. Fortunately, I got very good advice by a saleswoman in a little handicrafts shop in the city centre of Bozen and I bought all the necessary materials. Of course, I had to try and test before starting to sew the little bags. Obviously the tiny red bags should have glitter on!

Each step I took and each idea I realized looked good and made me happy.

Now the calendar has become real and touchable.

You can see here some pictures of how I realized the “do it myself Advent calendar 2015”.

I finished and decorated the tiny bags with appliqués. How did I fill each bag? That’s a secret reserved to my niece…

I closed the 24 tiny bags with glittering golden ribbons.

Finally, the Advent calendar is ready with the hanging 24 tiny bags.

I wish all of you a peaceful Advent time, enjoy every moment with people you love!

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