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Erntedankfest 2015 - meet the farmers!

aAutumn means the harvest has come to an end, means preparing for wintertime and being grateful for all gifts of nature. Therefore, it is tradition among farmers to meet together and celebrate with a charming open-air market. A colourful habit that has now become a regular appointment, open to tourists and population: the Erntedankfest that takes place in October in the Walther square in Bolzano thanks to the South Tyrolean Farmers Association and the Red Rooster Association.

Copyright © 2015 by Valentina Rossi & Miss Taste and Wine. All rights reserved.

Did you know? Erntedankfest in German means Thanksgiving celebration for the harvest.

I drop in every year; I cannot resist it, since I can find genuine products, learn authentic recipes directly from farmers and taste every single thing in exposition.

In addition, it is not rare to discover ancient vegetables or food varieties that a small producer inherited from grandfathers, saved from extinction and started to grow again in his alpine farm. I find it really exciting!

Copyright © 2015 by Manuel Moser & Miss Taste and Wine. All rights reserved.

This time I tested rainbow turnips and carrots. Every variety has a different colour, taste and nutritional feature: from orange to green, from purple to striped; some are sweet and juicy others are bitter or spicy; some are rich in carotin others are a natural digestive. A whole world growing underground at your disposal.

Copyright © 2015 by Valentina Rossi & Miss Taste and Wine. All rights reserved.

What else will you find there? Tasting and shopping stands: South Tyrolean typical farm-to-fork products like wines, jams, speck, grappa, herbs, mustards, pumpkins, chestnuts… Gourmet open-air restaurant, serving knödels, gulasch, soups, beer, cakes… A tasteful and restoring break time. Space for your children: sheep and calves for cuddling and hayricks for a 360° sensory experience. It is fun to see how kids love bathing and rolling in this perfumed herbs.

Copyright © 2015 by Valentina Rossi & Miss Taste and Wine. All rights reserved.

I definitely think it is worth going!

See all my pics of this event on Pinterest.

#inspiration #experience #SouthTyrol #tradition #autumn #harvest #authentic

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