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MTW on tour - South Tyrol Expo 2015

As you probably have guessed, I could not miss the chance to visit the South Tyrolean stand.

As reported by the organizers, "the South Tyrolean Presentation is build in vertical style, 13 meters high, based on larch wood. [...] The winning idea of the wood panelled tree house on three platforms is presenting the 7 themes of South Tyrol. The ground floor is dedicated to the gastronomic elements of high quality". (source:

But what does this mean?

It means you will experience a cozy, traditional wooden structure, smelling like natural resin and timber forest. Moreover, you will be able to go into the seven themes of the presentation of South Tyrol: products, landscape, people, architecture, sustainability, alpine competence, everyday culture. To crown it all, you will have the opportunity to taste our food highlights and typical high quality products, paired with our best and worldwide known wines. Could you ask more?

Personally, I found it very exciting and stirring to meet a piece of my homeland in the middle of such an international and multi-coloured event.

And this is why I write this blog: I wish everyone could feel like this, by living and experiencing South Tyrol through my written lines and photos.

Would be interesting to hear your opinion too!

My food&wine suggestions:

- Speck platter + St. Magdalener (Santa Maddalena) wine

- Filled holiday doughnuts + Moscato Rosa wine

Curious about my general impressions on Expo 2015? Check my previous post MTW on tour - Expo 2015 and my Pinterest.

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