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MTW on tour - Expo 2015

It's the main Italian event for this year... could I miss Expo 2015 in Milan? Of course not! How was it? A beautiful and surprisingly relaxing day.

Even though the area is huge, even though the pavilions are a million, even though you are surrounded by more than 150.000 people, even though everything, there is space for everyone, services and information in every corner and a number of fountains providing free fresh water. Families, classes, businessmen, retires groups, friends and couples: every visitor I met was smiling and enjoying the spirit of discovering, exploring, learning. By tasting so many flavours (my paradise on earth) and sharing with others these revelations, I dreamt of visiting all the countries I met there. Moreover, the architectures are breathtaking. A glorious day. I have to confess that I did not eat every delicacy available at Expo. By the way, I can express some opinions.

My favourite Expo food? Asian curries: spicy, hot and always succulent. South American Granadilla fruit: sweet and aromatic, but tart. Refreshing if eaten alone, perfect for sousing fish or crustaceans. Palestinian dishes: home-made. An oriental and Mediterranean mix of tastes served with excellent extra virgin olive oil. Italian high quality non filtered beers: interesting alternative to wine for food pairing... my next challenge!

My Expo let-downs? Malaysian food: is really not my cup of tea. CrocoBurger: I ate crocodile meat before and found it delightful, but this burger is not up to it. Dull and dreary. Prices! Every dish is very expensive: I would have preferred little tasting portions with affordable price.

I was very sceptical before my visit, but I have to admit it was a great experience.

Thank you Expo, I will remember for a long time!

See some more Expo shots on my Pinterest.

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