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A walk in the woods - Dangerous mushrooms

I would like to give a quick overview of poisonous and toxic fungus, that could be very dangerous for your health or at least cause annoying gastrointestinal inconveniences.

The Amanita family members: muscaria, phalloide, verna, pantherina: could be deadly.

The Russola genus: toxic or indigestible.

Fake parasol mushroom. Similar to parasol m., but miniaturized, has an awful smell: very dangerous.

Boletus Satanas or Maleficus. Vibrant red or purple colour: poisonous.

Dangerous mushrooms

Should you run into these 'guys'... keep away!

Here a complete list of the dangerous mushrooms:

And now discover my three favorite edible mushroom types in my post Seasons change, so do tastes - Wild mushrooms

#inspiration #mushrooms #wild

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