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A walk in the woods - Mushrooming

Late summer and early autumn are the best times to get fabulous mushrooms.

I am not talking about common cultivated mushrooms, like Button, Champignon or Shiitake. I am talking about the wild ones, springing up in forests and rather difficult to find. In South Tyrol mushrooms have always been a seasonal basic food, since they naturally grew up in the woods and were a tasty ingredient to be added to recipes.

Copyright © 2015 by Tommaso Rossi & Miss Taste and Wine. All rights reserved

I often go mushrooming with my boyfriend and my dad: I love walking in the silence of the woods, meeting wild animals and staring at astonishing landscapes.

I wish everyone could experience a similar excursion once...

And of course there is another advantage: preparing and eating your own products, earned with sweat and tears!

Learn a tasty and easy recipe in my post Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms.

Here my suggestions.

Copyright © 2015 by Valentina Rossi & Miss Taste and Wine. All rights reserved

Remember to respect local laws.

At now it is forbidden to go mushrooming in the municipalities of Anterivo/Altrei, Cornedo all'Isarco/Karneid, Tires/Tiers, Nova Levante/Welschnofen and in nature parks. In other areas you can pay a fixed fee to the local administration. Mushroom gathering is permitted only on days with an even date and only between 7 am and 7 pm. Mushrooms have to be roughly cleaned in the forest and carried into hard and fresh containers.

Remember to respect woods and nature.

Do not ruin forest's ground, destroy inedible mushrooms or leave garbage in the wood. Speak in a low voice and do not disturb wild animals. In other words, help us preserve this precious alpine environment.

Copyright © 2015 by Valentina Rossi & Miss Taste and Wine. All rights reserved

Be prepared.

Wear suitable clothing and hiking boots. Bring a pocketknife and a walking stick. Do not forget fresh water and a snack in case of need. If it's you first time, refer to the tourist board of the area you are visiting. They will surely give you best advices, good directions and a list of expert tour guides.

My personal warnings:

- do not pick up mushrooms if not sure they are edible. When in doubt, always ask the Micological Inspectorate or an expert association.

- always test bushes, high grass and rocky areas with your walking stick: the forest hosts even snakes. Should someone be bitten, keep calm and seek medical help within a few hours (emergency number 118).

Now you are ready to face mushrooming, but what kind of mushrooms are edible and flavourful? Check my post A walk in the woods - Wild mushrooms.

Cook with me Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms! See the recipe HERE.

Ready to go? I wish you a good hunt!

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