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South Tyrol Basics

Let me introduce you to my homeland.

South Tyrol is very peculiar Italian province nestling among the Alps, facing Austria to the north and east, Switzerland to the west and rest of Italy to the south side. With the twin-province of Trentino we form a district and inhabit a spectacular alpine environment.

Our Landscape

80% of the area is mountainous and covered by forests, while only 8% hosts human habitation. Many well-known mountain groups like Ortler, Ötztal and Dolomites are located in our territory, whose nature and biodiversity are closely preserved thanks to a good number of nature reserves.

Three main rivers (Adige/Etsch, Isarco/Eisack and Rienza/Rienz) flow through large and green glacial valleys, that are crossed by a fair number of minor ones. Landscape includes forests, orchards and grazing land, spotted with ancient castles, charming chapels and lonely farms. Administrative centre is Bolzano, a lively city counting more than 105.000 citizens. Moreover, beautiful towns like Bressanone/Brixen, Merano/Meran, Vipiteno/Sterzing and Brunico/Bruneck represent the variety of characters and uniqueness of each borough.

Our economy

South Tyrol has a thriving economy: a healthy mix of industry, trade, agriculture and services. Based on a vast number of small and medium-sized companies, most of which are family run, our province claims a relatively low unemployment rate despite the economic crisis of recent years and one of the highest income per capita in Italy. Historically South Tyrol has always been a centre of trade and strategic route of communication between north and central Europe and the Mediterranean. In addition, a broad administrative autonomy and multilingualism have favoured the birth and settlement of internationally renowned companies in the region.

Tourism shows excellent performance: as holiday destination offers tourists a wide range of leisure activities for 365 days a year and a way of living focused on the good things in life.

The region’s food and wine industry is every year more present in the gourmet guides' rankings. South Tyrol’s craftsmen's products and Alpine technology sectors are worldwide known for the high quality.

Moreover, the whole local economy is swiftly turning to renewable energy and sustainable production systems and promoting scientific research in these fields.

Our people

Southtyroleans are a proud community, sometimes rough and detached to all appearance, but tenacious and authentic in the heart. Three historical ethnic groups do mix with new citizens coming from afar, forming a special human blend. We hand down ancient habits and know deeply our land. We live every day with the awareness that this land and its population are our most valuable heritage. We do not fear new challenges and so we face the challenge of tomorrow trying to be true to ourselves, using all available resources and thinking up brand new ones.

Get in touch with us, you will discover that becoming part of this could be a thrilling experience!

Discover how to reach our land in my post 'Tell me... where is exactly South Tyrol?'

(source for Landscape and Economy:,

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